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I whipped up a special Hallowe’en balaclava for Devan to wear now that the weather’s cooler. I stumbled across the instructions for this on an unlikely site called Instructables. There are all sorts of great ideas on that site for the DIY kind of person.


When I saw this skull toque “instrucable” I knew I wanted to make one for Devan. Interestingly it was designed by a relatively new knitter called ‘Robotrix’; a guy who had only knit two other projects before. He did a great job; his instructions worked but I did make variations as I went along for a better fit. I think I reknit the section with the eye holes about five or six times to get it just right on Devan’s face.

skull side view

Since the project was going to be covering Devan’s face, I didn’t want any chance of him whining about it being itchy. Therefore most wools were out of the question. I looked at some alpaca, but even that was a little prickly on the sensitive areas. Francesca at Three Bags Full suggested Calmer by Rowan. It was my first time using it. Wow, now I know what everyone is raving about! It’s a lovely soft cotton/microfibre yarn with a lot of stretch. It makes a great fabric.


The skull was a hit with Devan and we’ve been getting great comments as people see him on the street and at school.

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