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Back on track

Knit-Out 2009

Time to get back into a routine. The Victoria FibreFest and Knit-Out always takes up so much time before the big event for me to get everything organized. The regular schedule goes out the window while I prepare. This year I taught two classes and had my tent of patterns and kits at the Knit-Out. It was a good show and we couldn’t have asked for better weather. I was fretting all week because the forecast was not promising. The wind did pick up in the afternoon (as it always does), but only towards the end. We certainly didn’t have an airborne tent this year!

An added bonus to the weekend was that I stayed with an old high school friend with whom I had recently reconnected through Facebook. We had a really wonderful visit and she suggested that we should make it an annual event.

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For the past number of days I’ve been working on new webpages for my kits. My web designer and I have solved our problems. It’s now just a matter of pulling together all those images and thumbnails of yarn and making sure all the links work. Sounds easy, but it’s amazingly time consuming.

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Just two days left to take advantage of our introductory offer on the new patterns, One! Two! Three! and Four! Five! Six! Purchase both patterns for $15 instead of $9.50 each.

$15 CAD