Show and Tell Time

casting on little hands bigger hands

The finished projects have been pouring in for the past couple of weeks. My little kidlets have been working hard learning to knit and I’m really proud of what they’ve accomplished. Time for some show and tell …

wristwarmer sample wrist warmer

The younger children have been making wristwarmers. We’ve been tying together two-yard long lengths of yarn and working away in garter stitch. Some of the wrist warmers acquired extra stitches along the way—one had almost three times as many stitches when it was time to bind off! These little six and seven-yr-olds really worked hard on their projects.

secrets hat cupcakes

My “senior” knitting class was comprised of fourth and fifth graders. They were so proud of their finished projects. They made hats and cupcakes this term. There is one final crochet class before the end of the school year. It’s hard to believe it’s already wrapping up and summer vacation will be upon us before you know it.