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Twist Collective Summer 2009

I can finally tell you about my hush, hush project! The summer issue of Twist Collective went live yesterday and contains a feature with kids’ designs. My design, Dizzy is on page 16. It’s so exciting to see it published and to know I’m in the company of so many amazing knitwear designers—do check out the rest of the issue. What a thrill!

Dizzy Dizzy on teddy

If you like the pattern, follow this Ravelry link and add it to your favourites or pop it in your queue! This will get the word out quickly about the new pattern because it shows up in your friends’ “friend activity.”

Dizzy stripes Dizzy WS

Dizzy uses ShiBuiKnits Sock handpainted yarn in two colourways. You can use any sock weight yarn and it would also look great in a self-patterning yarn with a slow repeat paired with a coordinating solid. The design uses a slip stitch pattern and there is no stranding. You work with only one colour in each row. It makes a very cozy, solid yet squishy fabric. I just love how it feels. Sizes galore—the pattern runs from 0-6 months to about 10 yrs depending on the child’s size.

Dizzy sleeve detail Dizzy sleeve

I particulary love how the sleeve seam looks with the stripes growing out diagonally from the central line of the seam. Let me tell you, that took a while to figure out how to do it and then write the instructions! It’s all there in the pattern for you.

4 thoughts on “Twist Collective Summer 2009”

  1. Beauty!! So thrilled to see you in Twist Collective… you deserve to be there!

  2. Holly:
    I love the new pattern. I cannot use paypal to buy it online and I was wondering if I could mail you a check and you could send it to me??? Also, do you teach the students to knit all by yourself or do you have help? I love to teach kids to knit but am never at ease trying to be 6 places at once!!

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