Holli Yeoh

Patterns that work


I just have to share… Round one of the tech editing for my hush hush design is done and the tech editor said,

Really well-written pattern – you live up to your tagline!

I can’t tell you how happy that makes me! I strive to write patterns that are a notch above the rest: in design, in execution, in clarity, in accuracy. It’s particularly gratifying to receive that sort of feedback.

3 thoughts on “Patterns that work”

  1. Holli, you are the consummate pattern writer. I know your patterns are perfect – looks like others appreciate you too. Congrats. Look forward to the great unveiling.

  2. Popping back in to relate my first experience with Holli’s patterns. Five or six years ago when I was a very new knitter Holli asked for test knitters for her new design, Kieran. I plucked up my courage and volunteered. Holli’s pattern was so well written, so clear, that I had no problems at all with it. I was so proud of that little sweater, and Holli’s kind comments on my knitting… a picture of my granddaughter, Chloe, wearing it is still on my desk!


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