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Boys DO Knit!

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I’ve been searching for the children’s book, Boys Don’t Knit! by Janice Schoop for some time. My little boy is starting to be influenced by the boys at school and he often classifies activities as boys’ or girls’ activities. This book helps to break down those barriers.

Boys Don’t Knit 1

Marvin doesn’t like the handknit sweater his Grandma made for him. It’s itchy and it’s bright red. When he accidentally unravels it by pulling on a loose strand he panics. His best friend, Elsa tells him that her Grandpa knits and he can fix it. Marvin replies, “Boys don’t knit!”

After watching Elsa’s Grandpa repair his sweater Marvin gains a new appreciation for knitting and also sees the beauty in the sweater his Grandma made for him.

Boys Don’t Knit 2

“That’s neat!” Marvin exclaimed. “How do you know how to knit? Boys don’t knit.”

“Boys’ fingers are just as nimble as girls’, and boys can learn just as easily,” answered Elsa’s grandfather. “I learned when I was in the navy. …”

Now Marvin wants to learn how to knit.

I found my copy of the book on Amazon and it’s also available through many book resellers.

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