Sneaky Feeling

Jitterbug remains

I had that sneaky feeling that I might not have enough of the Jitterbug yarn to make the other sock after I completed the first one. Did I weigh the remaining ball of yarn and the first sock? Noooo. Did I consider a Plan B for conserving the yarn or incorporating another yarn? Nooo. Instead I blindly started knitting the second sock, assuming there would be enough yarn because 100 g is always enough for a pair of socks for me.

Jitterbug toe

What happened? Does Jitterbug have less yardage than the average 100 g skein of yarn? Is there in fact, less than 100 g in the skein? Does the stitch pattern eat up yarn? I didn’t even look at the specs for the pattern before I started. You know what they say when you ASS-U-ME!

Arg! I don’t want to buy another skein. This stuff is expensive and I’ll have to pay shipping too! Plus I’ll have the majority of a skein left over. This project was simply meant as a time filler between larger design projects. It wasn’t supposed to cause me any frustration!

I really don’t want to rip and rework the sock with two colourways. Normally I might consider cutting the sock, picking up the stitches and reknitting a section of it in another colour. This stitch pattern is complicated though and I don’t think I can do that.  

Jitterbug second sock

What to do. In the meantime, I’m continuing to knit (between other projects) until I run out of yarn.

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  1. Holli, that’s a pain. And I remember I knit some socks with Jitterbug awhile ago and said I wouldn’t use it again. But I think it’s because the socks shrank! Can’t get them over my feet so… Maybe I didn’t run out of yarn with the JB because I didn’t knit them too long.

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