Hoppy Days

yellow carnation peach carnation green carnation blue carnation

Our long weekend was full of activities. Devan and I experimented with capillary action by placing white carnations in water tinted with food colouring. It was fascinating to watch the flowers change colour. Then I taught him about mixing colours by moving the flowers around between the vases of coloured water. I was rather pleased with the results. This lesson could segue nicely into a dyeing session with yarn. Hmmm.

roller derby

We took in a non-traditional event this Easter weekend—the roller derby! It was the Bad Reputations vs. the Riot Girls. I had no idea these events actually existed. There’s even more than one league in BC! It was easy to see how passionate the players and fans are about the sport and it was good fun all the way around.

Easter cake

Our big family dinner was on Sunday. Everyone agreed that my priorities were in the right place—even though I was behind schedule, I made the dessert first before getting the actual meal underway! It was a delectable chocolate cake with cream cheese chocolate frosting, decorated with a bird’s nest on top and snowdrop flowers made with crepe paper, floral wire and floral tape. Most importantly, there were 34 oz of chocolate in the cake, plus 1¾ cups of cocoa! This pleased my family very much.

2 thoughts on “Hoppy Days”

  1. I am certain there is no cake left at your house. If so, I might have chosen it over the hot cross bun. What a beautiful presentation. If D. starts dyeing, please bring him to my house.

  2. You didn’t mention the chocolate dirt on top of the cake. That was wonderful too. And let me tell you all that chocolate sent out the most heavenly aroma. Pure intense aroma. We loved it. Thanks for making it Holli. Glad we got to have it twice.

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