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Wool Gathering

Here’s a witty book of children’s poems all about wool, sheep and their antics.

Wool Gathering: A  Sheep Family Reunion poems by Lisa Wheeler and illustrated by Frank Ansley

One poem in particular should resonate with knitters. Aunt Eweginia is about a ewe who loves knitting and she knits the fleece right off of her body.

Aunt Eweginia

Ewe mustn’t watch,
Ewe see, that’s rude.
Eweginia knits till she is nude.

Although published in 2001, the book is still available. You should also be able to find it at your local library, which is where we found it. Devan kept returning to this book and rereading it. I think he really enjoyed the poems. They are a little unorthodox and quirky—just what appeals to 7-yr-old boys.

Take a close look at the author’s website. She has all sorts of wonderful resources for kids including puzzles, crafts and songs among other interesting things.