Holli Yeoh, design process

It’s Done!


The hush, hush project made it into the mail in time and I just heard word that it was received in a town called Webster. Devan helped me block it when he was home sick with Strep throat. I discovered that a sick 7-yr-old is so much easier to take care of than a sick toddler. Video games and t.v. work wonders for keeping him occupied and happy and I was able to get some work done.

ends leftovers

While Devan was home, I sewed in ends and assembled my design. All I have left is a little bit of yarn—6 to 7 grams in each colour. I sure like it when the majority of the skein is used up. But I don’t like it when it seems like it might be a close call. This was just right.


I’m very happy with this project and can’t wait for you to see it at the beginning of June. I love how the knitted fabric feels. Here’s a little sneak peak of the wrong side, just to keep your interest piqued.

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