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Mrs. McDockerty’s Knitting

I have to return this library book today but wanted to share it with you beforehand.

Mrs. McDockerty’s Knitting

Clickety Clack,
Sweater for Jack
went Mrs. McDockerty’s knitting.

Tuggity Roll
Wool in a Bowl
went Mrs. McDockerty’s yarn.

Cat and Yarn fighting

Throughout the story, this chant repeats itself with more and more mischief inserted between the lines. The animals get all tangled up in the yarn and Mrs. McDockerty keeps trying to move her knitting out of their reach. Finally young Jack comes home and has the simplest solution of them all. He politely asks the animals to leave.

The illustrations are delightful as are the antics of the animals and Mrs. McDockerty. Mrs. McDockerty’s Knitting by Ruth Martinez and illustrated by Catharine O’Neill is out of print, but still available through resellers or your local public library.

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