Noon Hour Knitting

A knitting

I’ve been teaching a knitting class at lunch time at Devan’s school. I have a great group of kids who are all eager to knit. On the first class as I was handing out their knitting bags and knitting needles they were so excited they were saying it was the best knitting class ever! We hadn’t even started to knit at that point!

R knitting

They were particularly excited about my ball winder. They all wanted to know where I bought it and how much is cost. One girl said she was going to ask for one for her birthday. That’s what I like to hear—a 9-yr-old whose birthday wish is for knitting tools.

bag wristband

We are a few weeks into our classes now and the finished projects are starting to come off the needles. I’m proud of them and the students are even more proud of themselves. It feels so great teaching young people how to knit. I hope they carry their enthusiasm for knitting into their adult lives.

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