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Mr. Nick’s Knitting

Devan received this charming book a few years ago from his Grandma—Mr. Nick’s Knitting by Margaret Wild and illustrated by Dee Huxley.

Mrs. Jolley, Mr. Nick’s best friend with whom he sat and knit on the train into the city every day is unexpectedly very sick. He visits her in the hospital and takes her some pink yarn and knitting needles. She’s very sad that she’s missing the train rides into the city and the view out the train window. Mr. Nick starts to work on a new project which isn’t a sweater for one of his twenty-two nieces or nephews. This time he’s knitting something very special for Mrs. Jolley. He knits non-stop for seven days and seven nights.

Mr. Nick’s Knitting  1 Mr. Nick’s Knitting 2

He creates a blanket made up of little squares, each one is a scene from the train windows. Mrs. Jolley is overjoyed. Every morning she knits with the blanket laid out over her lap and gets to see all the same scenes as Mr. Nick who is knitting on the train.

As you know, I love children’s books that incorporate or mention knitting in some way. I’m even more fond of them if they break the gender stereotypes. I think it’s great that Mr. Nick is a prolific knitter and he knits in public. I hope you can find this book at your public library or through a second-hand book seller. It’s worthy of being in any knitter’s collection.

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  1. Awww, just the kind of book I liked to read to my kids when they were little. We loved the George and Martha books too. Books about two good friends.

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