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The Long Red Scarf

Here’s a children’s book to delight the knitter in all of us. Unfortunately it’s out of print, but still available through used book sellers and I found this copy at the public library.

The Long Red Scarf by Nette Hilton and illustrated by Margaret Power
ISBN 0-87614-399-0

Long Red Scarf cover

Grandpa covets the long, woolly scarf his friend, Jake wears when they go fishing together. After unsuccessfully asking Great Aunt Maude and cousin Isabel to knit one for him, Jake informs Grandpa that he knit his blue scarf himself.

Long Red Scarf - Jake

Grandpa approaches cousin Isabel with a proposal; he’ll make her chocolate chip cookies and a cup of cocoa in exchange for knitting lessons. Grandpa then sets to work making himself

“the biggest, longest, fuzziest scarf in the reddest red in the whole wide world.”

Long Red Scarf - crochet blanket

I love the illustration where he’s sitting up in bed pondering his dilemma while under his wonderfully colourful granny square afghan.

Check out this great lesson plan for bringing this book into the classroom to help introduce the math concepts of measurement, estimation and bar graphs. Not only do the students learn some essential math skills, but they’re also exposed to knitting!