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Even more important than finding my lost yarn and lost book, Devan found his lost MelonHead skull toque given to him by Carmen, herself! He lost it last year at school less than a week after Carmen gave it to him. I didn’t have the heart to fess up to Carmen until recently. We searched high and low. I haunted the lost and found for weeks afterwards. We found the single mitten that he lost at the same time, but not the hat. I was sure Devan dropped it somewhere, but I was also convinced that another child liked it and kept it. I kept an eye out on the playground before and after school for the hat. I don’t know what I would have done if I had found it on a child’s head. I couldn’t exactly walk up and accuse the child of stealing, especially since Carmen sells the hats locally.

MelonHead hat

Yesterday Devan lost yet another mitten and in his efforts to find it, stumbled across his skull hat in the lost and found. Now, the lost and found bins are emptied periodically throughout the year and at the end of the school year, everything that is not claimed is donated to charity. I know his toque has not been languishing in the bins since last winter. We’re just happy to get it back. After washing it (you know how lice travel around schools), I reluctantly let him wear it to school today. I’m worried the child will accuse him of stealing! (Incidentally, we finally tracked his mitten down in his classroom.)

start of cuff

More good news. I found the missing yarn wrapped up inside another project that I work on very infrequently. I moved that project around several times while I was searching for the yarn, I just didn’t unfold the knitting. I’ve started knitting the ribbing down to the cuff and I’m reversing the shaping along the way. I’m going to bind off in a way that looks just like my longtail cast on and I’ll post the technique for that. I still need buttons, but I’m almost done!

Oh yeah, and I found the book too. I actually put it away on the bookshelf! Now there’s a novel idea. Although the fog in Vancouver hasn’t lifted, I guess the fog in my head has. Good timing since I’m going to be busy, busy, busy in the next few weeks with knitting projects–just as soon as that yarn arrives!

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