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We’ve been having uncharacteristically foggy weather for several days now. I think it’s affecting my memory. I still can’t find the yarn and now I can’t find a book I was given for Christmas. Frustrating when I’ve looked and looked again in all the likely spots.


Even without my knitting project, I’m keeping busy with calculating and writing a couple of new patterns. Here’s a shot at one of my spreadsheets. I’ll let you know more about this project when I can and you’ll be seeing it out in the summer.

herringbone rib sock herringbone rib detail

One Herringbone Rib Sock is completed and the second one is in the works. It was too cold at the skating arena yesterday to work on it. I think they forgot to turn the heaters on in the stands. Don’t they know that’s valuable knitting time for me?! I’m really quite liking the stitch pattern, both the execution of it and the effect with the hand-painted yarn. I would like to use this stitch pattern or a variation of it some time in another project. That’s something I love about knitting other people’s designs, they open my eyes to other possibilities.