Puckers be gone

yoke puckers

The Tangled Yoke Cardigan isn’t forgotten. I wet blocked it to try to get rid of the puckering around the cabled area on the yoke. I really stretched out the cabled area and the puckering isn’t too bad. I think it will be fine now–especially when you compare it to the preblocked photo.

front band

I finished the front bands and they are lying nice and straight. I’m on the home stretch! I want to wear this sweater!

One thought on “Puckers be gone”

  1. I love this sweater – it is in my queue. So I’m anxious to know how to avoid puckering. What yarn did you use on this one? I love the Felted Tweed of the pattern, but it isn’t readily available. I think it is being/has been discontinued. There is a lovely Alpaca in the Boutique de Laine in Victoria that I am considering…

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