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… and a Peacock in a snowbank!


Little Kate loved her Peacock. Well, she loved unwrapping it anyway! She also examined the label and the buttons and then waved the sweater around a bit before returning to the wonderfully crinkly paper. Mummy and Daddy were appropriately appreciative.

Peacock front Peacock neckline

Project Stats
Pattern: Peacock designed by me
Yarn: Opal Petticoat #1295 with Opal Uni burnt sienna #1263
Kit: available here.


The Vancouver weather has just been phenominally snowy. For a city that rarely gets snow, it’s been pretty amazing. Loved the white Christmas!

2 thoughts on “… and a Peacock in a snowbank!”

  1. It does look beautiful Holli. I’m sure both recipient and her parents will be happy to put it on. And treasure it beyond its years. And Devan looks great out in the snow.

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