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Knits at the Polar Bear Swim

Polar Bear swim

The 89th annual Polar Bear Swim was yesterday and it was our first time observing the 1550+ brave (or perhaps crazy?) souls who bared their skin to take a dip in the frigid 6 degree C (43 F) water at English Bay. Air temp was 2 degrees (35 F), snow was still on the ground (unusual for Vancouver) and all the people who weren’t swimming were bundled up appropriately.

rubber boots

I saw this wonderful pair of rubber boots with a stocking stitch pattern on them and a real knitted cuff. Sorry for the blurry photo–she wouldn’t keep still! I’m now regretting not chasing her down to ask where she bought them. I want a pair!

selbu mittens

I noticed people sporting some nice knits including these wonderful Selbu style mittens.

Christmas sweater

Afterwards we visited with my Dad and Nigel who live within a block of the event. We warmed up with hot coffee and I was wearing my cozy Christmas present that Rod gave me.

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