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Knitterly Christmas

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. I was particularly blessed this Christmas with family, friends and some wonderful gifts a knitter would love!

Christmas sweater

Look at what my husband gave me! A custom fitted, handknit sweater! I must admit I was a little confused at first, especially when there was extra yarn in the bottom of the box. Rod likes to confuse me and kept on insisting that he knit the sweater. I finally got to the bottom of it and discovered that his co-worker (and knitter), Kelly had auctioned off her services at a recent silent auction fundraiser at the office. Kelly is taking Jean Wong‘s Nihon Vogue knitting program and is well qualified to knit a custom fitted sweater. Rod chose the colours and brought in a top of mine for Kelly to measure. I was a little surprised one day when Rod commented on the fit of the top I was wearing. I think I was a little tickled that he would notice such a thing. Sneaky guy.

Norwegian star

Kelly did a beautiful job with this Norwegian style ski sweater. I’ve always wanted to knit one, but have been a bit scared off by the stranding. It’s one technique that I haven’t tackled yet. I have been wearing the sweater non-stop, except to take these few photos. It’s going to be a mainstay of my wardrobe this winter.

inset zipper

Thank you Kelly and Rod.

plate cabled dishes Starbucks mug

Both Santa and my Mum were kind to me this Christmas too. Check out these lovely dishes embellished with cables (click on the images to enlarge them and see the detail). The plate is Department 56 and the mug is from Starbucks. Although not intended to go together, they make a perfect set!

Christmas Crafts Cottage

My Mum has a Department 56 Village Collection and I wanted to share with you a recent acquisition. She has the Christmas Crafts Cottage complete with a shopper heading home with her purchase of a bag of yarn.

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