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Mystery Yarn

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Miss Terwilliger, as any one from Centerburg can tell you, is one of the town’s best known and best loved citizens. She runs knitting classes and in years past has taught almost every woman in Centerburg how to knit. She is a familiar sight on Sundays, holidays, and at social functions, dressed in a robin’s-egg-blue dress which she had knit years ago when she first started her knitting classes. … The matter of style doesn’t bother Miss Terwilliger. If short skirts are the latest thing, she merely unravels a few inches from the bottom and the dress looks like the latest thing. Of course Miss Terwilliger saves the robin’s-egg-blue yarn that she removes for, as she has so often remarked, “Longer skirts will be in style again in a year or two and then I’ll have the right yarn to knit a few inches back onto the bottom of the skirt.”

Mystery Yarn 1

The story unfolds with Homer helping his Uncle Telly, who collects string, wind the string around his 6 foot diameter ball of string. The sheriff, Uncle Telly and Miss Terwilliger then compete to see who has the most yarn/string in their balls. Knitters will appreciate Miss Terwilliger’s strategy. I don’t want to ruin the story for you, but I can guarantee you will like it!

The story is called Mystery Yarn by Robert McCloskey and can be found along with a collection of other stories about Homer Price in the self-titled book, Homer Price. One thing I particularly love about this book is that the main character is a boy and as a result, the stories will appeal to boys. The publisher suggests that it’s for 9 to 12-yr-olds, but my 7-yr-old Devan really enjoyed the stories when I read them to him.

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