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Tangled swatch

Tangled swatch

The swatch using larger needles for the Tangled Yoke Cardigan is done. I’m not completely convinced this will solve my puckering problem. It still puckers a bit because the sts that comprise the actual cables are pulling tighter than the background st st fabric. Before ripping and reknitting the cabled yoke, I’m inclined to try wet blocking and I’ll really stretch the cabled area out.

Peacock sleeve

In the meantime, I’ve started on a sweater for friends who had a baby—oh, about 9 months ago! The baby was a little premature and I knit her a little hat to keep her head warm. All I needed to do was weave in the ends and block it. However, I just stumbled across it in my pile of UFOs. Oops!

Peacock pieces

Needless to say, a preemie hat will no longer fit little Kate. So, I decided to make her my one overtly feminine design—Peacock. She’s a strawberry blond and I’ve chosen an atypical baby colourway, but it still has some pink and I think it will look great with her colouring. Hope the parents like it!

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