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Three Perfect Peaches

We found another knitting illustration in a book we borrowed from the library. Since the story has nothing to do with knitting it’s like a little hidden gem to find a bit of knitting hiding between the pages.

I found the book in the fairy tale section of the library and it’s called Three Perfect Peaches. Three brothers take turns¬† bringing their peaches to an ailing princess in the hopes of curing her and winning her hand in marriage. Along the way they meet an old woman by the side of the road. And she’s knitting in public! She has magical powers and the way the young men treat her influence the magic which she casts over the peaches. It is a fairy tale with a happily ever after ending, however the knitting does not reappear on the later pages.

knitting witch

Although the illustrator, Irene Trivas included separate balls of yarn, each a different colour, I think the knitting looks more like hand-painted. What do you think?