Craft Shows Galore

This is the time of year when there are plenty of craft shows to attend. The big one in Vancouver is Circle Craft and two of my friends were selling at the show. Allyson packed up and brought her jewellery all the way from Nova Scotia, where we first met and studied jewellry at art college together. It’s been years since we saw one another.

Carmen of MelonHead KnitWear fame was at the show for the first time and people went crazy for her handknits and crocheted treasures. She has been so busy this craft season that I’ve barely seen her. I have to track her down at the craft shows and farmer’s markets just to touch base. (She’s a captive audience because she can’t leave her booth!) I feel like a stalker. Now that the big one is over, I’m going to try to lure her out for a visit by offering to make her a latte.


I treated myself at the Circle Craft show and bought a porcelain coffee mug from Myriam Bouchard. Lovely work, but no website. You know, I noticed that many (too many) of the exhibitors do not have a web presense. In this day and age, that’s just not a wise business decision.

Beth’s bird

The following weekend was the first annual One of a Kind show in Vancouver. I had my doubts about it following on the heels of the traditional Circle Craft show and in a stadium (BC Place) to boot. Exhibitors were also not allowed to be in both shows – would there be enough to see? I was very pleasantly surprised. The organizers were able to create a cozy intimate feel and there was a real sense of overall style at the show. Another good friend, Beth was at the show with her lovely quilts, pillows and very sweet bird ornaments, which are the 3-D version of her whimsical embroidered birds.

Mama, Papa & baby birds

I love Beth’s work. She’s currently making a quilt for me using Devan’s shirts that he’s outgrown. I saw a sneak peak at the show and it’s wonderful. Beth recently moved to Winnipeg, so attend the show was yet another way for me to keep in touch.

Two out of three of these creative friends live in other provinces and needless to say, I don’t see them very often. So I dedicated the past two weeks of craft shows to going daily to visit with them. I didn’t get much of my own work done, but that’s not important. I was surrounded by creative people showing off their best work.

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  1. Nice updates Holli. And it was great that you could catch up with your friends at the show – even me, lol. Look forward to seeing you next week when we get to play with Devan. Nigel

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