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Oh my heaven!

7 hug

Devan’s seven! It’s my little boy’s birthday today. He is my star, my light, my everything. The years are going by so quickly!

bowling cake heaven cake

We’ve been celebrating in grand style. Last weekend we had two birthday parties—a bowling party with his friends and a family party. Two parties means two cakes. And that doesn’t include the goodies I sent with him to school today to help celebrate with his classmates.

Devan outgrew my patterns long ago. I have had intentions all along to start designing sweaters for older children. I’m going to make it a resolution to do it during Devan’s eighth year. Soon he’ll be at an age where he won’t want to wear his Mama’s hand knits and then I’ll regret that I didn’t knit more for him when he was younger.

2 thoughts on “Oh my heaven!”

  1. Happy birthday, Devan! What grand celebrations! Methinks I recognize ye olde king costume in the previous post! I also recognize the birthday sweater – was that last year’s sweater already?

    Don’t despair of him wearing the sweaters – Stewart is still happily wearing my sweaters at 12. That might change – but so far so good.

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