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Nordic Knitting

I’m on Cloud Nine! I’ve been working long and hard to have Susanna Hansson come to Vancouver to give a workshop to our Guild. First we had challenges over the venue and we found a really affordable location at the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. Then we weren’t sure if enough people would sign up for the workshops–they were sold out! Then an affordable hotel proved to be a challenge until Nigel and my Dad stepped forward and offered their apartment while they are traveling around Spain. Every problem was met with a wonderful solution and the weekend went off without a hitch.

Susanna Hansson

Susanna is lovely and I really enjoyed our visiting outside of workshop time. As far as a workshop teacher and lecturer, Susanna is beyond wonderful. She’s fully prepared for every workshop and lecture. She provides historical context and really researches her subject thoroughly. We were treated to a lecture on Knitting in Norway: Past and Present. I was surprised to learn that the Norwegian knitting with which we are so familiar is actually a very recent tradition.

little balls Bohus group

On Saturday, Susanna presented us with a Bohus Stickning workshop where we used lovely angora blend yarns to knit wrist warmers. My gauge was pitifully loose, so mine has gone to the frog pond. Once I acquire some finer needles, I’ll tackle it again. 

Rovaniemi mittens wrist warmer

On Sunday, we learned about a unique technique used in the Rovaniemi region of Finland. The multi-coloured zigzag motif is accomplished in a way that doesn’t get tangled and is intarsia-like, without the twists and the holes. I already have some design ideas I would like to try out with this technique. 

Bohus pile

As another workshop participant put it, many bloggers have so eloquently written about Susanna’s workshops that it seems redundant to repeat what they’ve said. You can read reviews from Sivia, Stephanie, Denise and Marya. The days were a perfect mixture of knitting, demonstration, Power Point presentation and humour. I wasn’t ready for the weekend to end.