Link updates

Apologies to those who subscribe with an RRS feed aggregator. I’ve been updating the broken links on my blog so that they point to the new website. You’ll have a lot of blog posts you’ve already seen piled up in your aggregator.

I finished this pair of socks some time ago and promised a picture. I haven’t worn them yet, but this week for sure since the weather’s changed. They’ll look great with a pair of jeans.

silk socks

Project specs:
pattern: generic top-down sock with a star toe divided into 6 sections (my own)
yarn: Opal Silk, 30% wild silk / 70% superwash wool, colour 1121
needles: set of five 2mm dpn

I’ve been using 2mm needles lately for my socks, but they are somewhat difficult to get on. The fabric is so dense and not quite as elastic as I would like. Certainly my handknits with the finer needles aren’t wearing out at all, but I think I’ll try my next pair on larger needles again. I want a pair of handknit socks that slip on easily, but also don’t fall down around my ankles or wear out quickly. The experimentation continues.