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Psst! Did you see?

home page

My new website went live on Monday! Go take a look, I’ll wait. There are still a couple tiny things to complete on it but I’m so so happy with it. Thank you Jackelyn for all your hard work.

Holli Yeoh logo

I love my new logo. Denise Tade is my graphic designer and she did a great job. Thanks so much Denise! It was pure genius for her to think of placing the stitches on the ball of yarn. And can you believe that she’s not a knitter?

BKK logo

It’s time for me to say good-bye to my old logo. I also loved my Bee’s Knees Knits logo. Here’s a little known fact. Did you know that Sivia Harding designed that logo? She also designed my original home page.

kids home

Good-bye kids – I loved having you climb all over my home page. Good-bye first website – you served me well for over three years. Good-bye bee. I’ll miss you all! (But I must also confess, I’m really looking forward to getting to know my new logo and website too!)

3 thoughts on “Psst! Did you see?”

  1. Hi, Holli,
    EXTREMELY well designed. Love the new site. All the photos and colour look wonderful. The techniques page looks great – didn’t get a chance to look at the links on it, but it’s a fabulous idea. Congratulations!


  2. hi holli, your new site looks fantastic, and it’s just in time! i’m so happy you found a way to get the job done; the results look really good. congratulations!

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