Holli Yeoh

Website redesign

My website designer, Jackelyn Thompson has been working hard for me – even while on a road trip with her family. Now that’s dedication to meeting our deadline!

artoflight1 artoflight2 artoflight3

artoflight4 artoflight5 artoflight6

artoflight7 artoflight8 artoflight3

There will be lots of images and adorable children scattered throughout the pages. I spent all morning sorting through these images trying to decide which ones to use. My friend Mechelle took these pictures for me about a year ago. Aren’t they great?

eye candy

There is much about my old site that I love and plan to keep like the little groups of three tight detail shots. I call them eye candy.

Start knitting

Naturally we have new things on the website too – like this call to action box. Just love the little meandering line of yarn around the outside.