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The last week of school went by in a blur. There were lots of school activities in the last week or so. Devan’s school had a crazy hair day and you know, I’ve always wanted to give him a mohawk, so I pulled out the clippers and buzzed the sides of his head.


His mohawk was still standing when I picked him up at the end of the day. (Devan’s striking his Guitar Hero pose here.) The next day, the kids kept asking him why he still had a mohawk. They didn’t seem to understand that his hair was cut that way. We’ve since been to the barber for Devan’s very short summer haircut.

felted balls

I went into D’s class one afternoon in the last week of school to show the kids how to felt wool. We had fun making little felted balls. I was really pleased with how interested and eager they were. Mind you, it could have been because they had fun making a very soapy mess in one corner of the classroom. At least the desks and floor were quite clean by the time we mopped it all up. I’ll definitely talk to the teacher next year about doing more fibre related projects in the classroom.

Spanish Banks

The last day D’s school had a B-B-Q scheduled and it was freezing! “This is June people – time for some summer weather,” is what I was thinking. Well, by the weekend it was lovely – beach weather, in fact. We are so lucky to have a number of beaches right in the centre of the city.

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  1. That is a lucky class to have you in to teach all these wonderful fibre things to them.

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