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Granville Island, how do I love thee?


Yesterday I went to Granville Island for a visit with my good friend Carmen who was one of the artisans in the Public Market that day. Our visiting was sporadic which was good for Carmen – that means there were lots of interested customers …


… like devilish Danny in his new Devil hat.  How cute is he?!


While I was waiting for Carmen I managed to finish off a pair of socks. Project specs later when I get a picture of them on my feet – and yes, they’re for me!

community flowers 2 community flowers community flowers 3

I love the walk to Granville Island. There’s a community garden along the old railway tracks and at this time of year it’s just beautiful with all sorts of flowers.

Carmen wrote a list of her favourite things about Granville Island in a recent blog post. Let’s see if I can come up with 10 things too, in no particular order:

melonhead table

  • the inspiration I derive from all the great artisans selling in the Public Market and on the island




Upon rereading Carmen’s list, I see we enjoy many of the same things. What do you enjoy about Granville Island?

One thought on “Granville Island, how do I love thee?”

  1. My favorite reason to go to Granville Island is for rhubarb raspberry pie at A La Mode. It’s worth the cost of the ferry ride.

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