design process

Posy details

Now that Pretty as a Posy is released, I can tell you a little about it.

first swatch sketch

I wanted to design an easy knit with minimal shaping. Instead of decreasing for the armholes I decided that ribbing would also pull the fabric in making a narrower bodice and allowing the skirt to poof out. This is the first swatch drawing that were included in the original proposal for One Planet Yarn and Fiber.

Melosa Clarissa

I started looking at their yarns and originally I designed the coat dress with their Lanas Puras Melosa 100% merino handpainted. When we realised that the pattern would be released in the spring, Jodi asked if I would consider using their new Clarissa.


When I started knitting the actual sample, I realised that the ribbing kind of curved out at the bottom of the bodice to accomodate the skirt. This curved effect was the perfect way to create a shaped armhole for an inset sleeve without doing any decreases! I just love the way it works.

edging buttons

Finishing details include a double ridge edging of reverse stocking stitch, three buttonholes in the bodice and a rolled reverse st st neckline that’s sewn down on the inside nicely concealing the selvage.



The cotton/wool blend yarn used for this pattern does shrink a little when it’s washed thus affecting your gauge. This is taken into account in the pattern instructions. If you want to substitute yarn for this project use a yarn that will give you a 21 st to 4″ stitch gauge. If you’re using a yarn that doesn’t shrink, then for all the length measurements in the pattern, just shorten them by about 1/4″ for the shorter lengths and 1/2″ for the longer lengths. I think Pretty as a Posy would look really nice in a wool, but cotton should also work just fine (remember to wash your swatch and take your gauge measurements from the blocked swatch).

If you substitute, I would love to hear about it and send me a picture!

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