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Eye heart ewe

eye heart ewe

Just because he loves me, my little fibre-conscious boy gave me a love note.

Nigel’s sock design

I received another lovely gift recently. Nigel knit a pair of socks for me in some lovely soft merino dyed by Sweet Georgia before she went on her hiatus. The design is one that Nigel has been working on and promises to write up. I just love how the stitch pattern is right and left footed.

stitch detail

Now I did a very silly thing when I washed them. I usually throw my hand-knit socks in the washing machine because they are made of superwash wool and nylon. These are 100% merino so I wanted to take a little more care with them. I remember the Yarn Harlot mentioning that she takes her socks into the bathtub with her when she has her nightly bath so I wore my socks into the shower. I wish I had my camera with me because I ended up standing in a pool of pink water. They bled quite a bit. Then I found it was somewhat difficult to get the very wet socks off my feet. They are fine and dry now. I’ll wear them again when the temperature cools – we’ve been having lovely hot weather for the first time this season.