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Guild workshops


It’s been a busy knitty time for me lately. Our Guild had a great day of workshops the weekend after Quadra Island. I taught my glove workshop in the morning and we had a lot of fun with it. It feels different teaching a group of knitters I already know – very familiar. I was poking around Ravelry the other day and found at least one pair of almost finished gloves from the workshop. Good job Valerie!

In the afternoon I was a student! I took a creative class with my friend Carmen of MelonHead. What fun. Carmen provided the knitted hat form and then we got to play and embellish it with knitting, crochet and embroidery. Part of the excercise was to think of a theme for our hats and based on the yarns I chose it felt very ice queenish to me. I made a frozen garden. The photos from my mum’s backyard in the snow really made an impression on me and I wanted to work with that idea. I used some of my Silk Garden Lite in a wonderful silvery/burgundy colourway for the embroidered/crocheted embellishment.

winter rose Carmen hat

I finished my hat the next weekend while on a getaway to Whistler. For mid-April, the weather was crazy cold. -17 degrees celsius on the mountain and the village was well below zero. I needed that hat!


Here it is in action keeping me warm while I get my little guy ready for ski school.

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