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Magical knitting effects

A quick post as I’m madly getting ready to go the the Spring Knitting Retreat on Quadra Island. Look at the cherry trees across the street on that crazy snowy day the other day.

cherry blossoms snowy balcony

I did manage to start a Chloë sweater on that uncharacteristic day. Chloë has its challenges because it depends on a striping yarn with even sized bands of solid colour and jacquard sections. The jacquard sections are knit in stocking stitch and the solid-coloured sections are knit in reverse stocking stitch for a slight Michelin man effect. I’m using Opal Prisma and it’s going to look great. It’s sort of like magic when knitting up.

Chloe RS

This is the right side of the sweater front.

Chloe WS

This is the wrong side.

Chloe stretched

This is what it looks like when slightly stretched. The sweater definitely requires a wet block and good pinning to get it to behave.

Kieran neck Kieran sleeves

This week I’ve also been working on a Kieran sample in a new colourway I received recently from the distributor. Pretty browns and golds with a hint of mauve.

Time to go put together some kits to take up to Quadra with me. Oh, and finish a sample or two!

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