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Mitts & glove

It’s snowing this morning in Vancouver. I’m just going to hunker down in front of the fire with a good cup of coffee and work on some samples for my upcoming trip to Quadra Island. Since we’ve been home I’ve finished a pair of mittens (on the right) and I’m working on gloves. These are samples for the kits I’m taking to the Spring Knitting Retreat. Come join us, it’s not too late to register!

winter rose winter rosehip

The snow today reminds me of the variable weather we experienced at the beginning of our trip to Edmonton. From a snow storm as our plane landed and frozen temperatures down to -17 degrees Celsius on the first weekend … to sunny blue Alberta skies throughout most of the rest of the trip.

closed sledding

We went sledding on the closed toboggan hill of my youth – I know, we’re renegades! We used cardboard and a frisby for sliding. We have my nieces to thank for the idea of using a frisby – believe it or not it works wonderfully in a pinch!

Easter egg Easter bunny

We had an Easter egg hunt in what was left of the melting snow banks.

wiener roast hot dog

And on our last day, we went for a weiner roast at the park. It was a true Alberta spring. Now it’s time to do something about this Vancouver weather!