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The workshops at River City Yarns in Edmonton were wonderful. I had great fun teaching them – I really enjoy sharing with other knitters.

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I think my new favourite workshop is Making Marvelous Mittens. Cynthia at River City Yarns gave it that name and I think I’ll continue to use it. We experiment with the various effects possible with knitting with a double strand of self-patterning yarn.


I had a great group of ladies, most of whom attended more than one workshop and one who attended all three workshops (Hi Jan!). Sunday was a bit exciting as there were police cruisers parked outside when we arrived and we witnessed an arrest in the building! Not to worry, the knitters were all safe.

RCY LYS RCY display

I love the shop. They carry a wide range of interesting yarns and fibres. They are continually changing things around so every time I visit I discover new things. In the time since they’ve opened they’ve expanded and now have a couple of good teaching spaces so that more than one class can be held at the same time.

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