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Fibrefest International

I can’t believe the time is going so quickly. A week ago I went to the Fibrefest International with Carmen and Nigel. Nigel made the arrangements with me while he was in his last weeks of a 4-month-long trip to India with my Dad. He had his priorities in the place! Check out their travel blog for some great reading. We made the trek out to Abbotsford in search of yarn. I also wanted to see if it would be a good venue for me to sell Bee’s Knees Knits kits in the future – the jury is still out on that.

Viscount pindrafted

Fibrefest is a spinner’s mecca. We met an alpaca named Viscount and saw Suri alpaca pindrafted roving. Love the circular design. I’m not a spinner (not out of a lack of interest, rather a lack of time) but I loved touching all the roving and in some cases, admiring the beautiful hand-dyed colours.

Fun Knits

I stopped and talked to Shelley at Fun Knits (she was busy with a customer while I was taking the photo). We discussed having a fashion show of my designs while I’m at her Spring Knitting Retreat on Quadra Island. How fun will that be? Shelley will muster up a collection of toddlers and babies to model my sweaters. I’ll try to get a lot of photos.

Seawool Nova Socks Kertzer

I spent a bit of time at Birkeland Bros’ booth riffling through their underweights from Fleece Artist. No labels identifying fibre content or gauge, but great prices. I’m pretty sure I found a skein of Sea Wool and a skein of Nova Sock. The third skein is from SR Kertzer and I bought it from Knitopia. I fell in love with the kneehigh socks made with this yarn in the ads I’ve seen in magazines – can’t find a picture online though.

Rabbitch mitten kits

I also visited with Rabbitch who had kitted up my mittens and gloves patterns with her beautiful hand-dyed. I think she’ll have some of these kits available in her online shop.