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Wonderful Workshops!

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If you’re in the Edmonton area next week, come join me for a few workshops at lys, River City Yarns. Their schedule and registration information is here.


I’m teaching Strategies for Working with Self-Patterning Sock Yarns – one of my favourite workshops. We explore a selection of stitches that look good in self-patterning yarn. We discuss the benefits and limitations of this unique yarn. Many of the ideas discussed also translate to hand-painted yarns.


I’m also teaching two other workshops based on my new gloves and mittens patterns. In the Guess Who? Gloves Workshop we work through the unique thumb gusset shaping and talk about getting the right fit for your glove.

double double2

In the Making Marvelous Mittens workshop I walk you through a peasant thumb worked with waste yarn, including picking up those sts afterwards and working the thumb. We also experiment with holding two strands of self-patterning yarn together as you knit and the effects you can achieve.

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  1. How fun those all look! I especially like the second photo; they look like people dancing and waving flags. Any future plans for a workshop in the Seattle area?

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