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Gloves, gloves

seeing double

I’ve been knitting extra pairs of the Guess Who? gloves for a couple of friends of mine who are oh so deserving.  Mechelle has been a great help with photographing my designs.  I wanted to find a nice way to say thank you.  When I was working on the sample pair of gloves to be photographed for the pattern I realised that the colours were perfect for Mechelle. 

Mechelle’s gloves

The lovely face looking out at us so intently is her daughter Nova who is also a good friend of Devan’s.  I’m looking forward to having Nova model some of my designs again down the road. 

Carmen’s gloves

When Carmen saw my new gloves design she was beside herself with desire.  Carmen is the mastermind behind Melonhead KnitWear and she knits like crazy for a living.  Any time that Carmen takes to knit for herself  takes time away from making more products for her business.  In fact, Carmen looks at the cost of her expenditures as how many hats they are worth.  A new pair of pants is five hats, for instance. So naturally because Carmen loved the gloves so much, I felt it was necessary for her to have a pair.  Today I was visiting her on Granville Island where she was selling her wonderful hats in the market.  I sewed in the last few ends while we visited and Carmen went home with a new pair of gloves.

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