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My weekend with Annie

Emerald Lake

The Emerald Lake 2007 knitting retreat was just what I needed.  A nice restful break from everyday life and lots of time to knit and chat.  I made lots of new friends and saw some old friends too. The event was hosted by Amy Swenson and Sandra Tiano, owners of Make One Yarn Studio and they did a fabulous job.  I can’t say enough about how well organized the trip was. 

Sheep 1

I arrived in Calgary early so I could participate in an additional Thursday evening workshop with the entertaining Annie Modesitt where I finally learned how to cable without a cabling needle. Brilliant!  I’ve been reading Annie’s blog and wanting to take a workshop with Annie for quite some time now.  When I saw that she was going to be in Canada this fall I did everything I could to attend the retreat.  Workshop yarn was Sheep 1 by Sheep Shop Yarn Company.

Annie has a unique way of knitting in a Western Combined technique that I’ve read about here and there (look in the left-hand side bar for links on Annie’s site).  I know that for Annie it gives her great spead and even tension.  I’ve been playing with it over the past couple of years trying to take the plunge into changing the way I knit.  Unfortunately like everything new it takes some practice and is therefore much slower than my conventional way of knitting.  I would sure like to pick up my speed though and who couldn’t benefit from even tension?  Well, I got to see Annie in action and it’s truely amazing how quickly she can knit.  I really like aspects of the combined method of knitting and have already incorporated some of them in my knitting.  I still can’t seem to take the final step into trying to hold the yarn with my left hand exclusively instead of my right one.  This will definitely take practice to get me back up to speed.

Sheep 3

The weekend project was a lace scarf from Annie’s new Romantic Hand Knits book.  We learned how to knit a lace pattern without having to refer to the chart or the written instructions after just a few short rows.  I also learned a tricky way to make a right leaning decrease look more even.  The yarn that was provided was Sheep 3, also by Sheep Shop Yarn Company.  It’s a wool/silk blend and is beautiful to work with and has wonderfully soft drap.

Emerald-coloured lake

I learned all sorts of things, enjoyed the people and the setting and ate great food.  Did I mention that the weekend was inspiring too?  Check out these tire tracks in the snow that look like knit stitches!

tire tracks more tire tracks

What more could a girl want out of a weekend retreat?

2 thoughts on “My weekend with Annie”

  1. Holli, you are amazing. I love reading your blog, and I don’t even knit!! You make it all sound so interesting and your photos are lovely. You are a true artist. No one else would see knitting designs in the snow, but you do and once you point it out, I can see them too. I am glad the weekend was such a success. Marje

  2. I live in Southern California and I would like to know if there are any yarn stores there that sell your yarn. I just bought two of your patterns on line. Peacock and Ruby, I can’t wait to get started on them for my granddaughter.

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