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Eloise, she is finished

Not only has it been a long time since I’ve written and much has happened, I just lost the rather long-winded post I was working on!  The most exciting thing by far that I’ve done recently is attend the Emerald Lake 2007 knitting retreat with Annie Modesitt.  What a blast!  Before I talk about that though (in another post), I want to back up to how I spent my time in Calgary before the weekend started.

I stayed with Marje, a good family friend and we had a wonderful time visiting together.  It had been a couple of years since I saw her last and I really enjoyed catching up with her.  Marje spoiled me by driving me around Calgary.  She even took the morning off of work on Thursday so I could get to a couple of yarn shops (more on that later too!).

Eloise seams Eloise finishing

While visiting at Marje’s house, we planned our attack on the yarn shops the next day.  I worked on finishing up Eloise because I wanted to wear her on the weekend.  I didn’t sew up the seams with the knitting yarn because it was too bulky and uneven – I just didn’t want that headache and felt that the seams would not appreciate it either.  Instead I used a fingering weight yarn in a red that basically went with the many colours in Blossom.  I could have used any colour really because the yarn just disappears into the seam, never to be seen again (you can click to enlarge the photo).  Isn’t mattress stitch wonderful!

Two evenings of sewing her together and she’s finished!  I’m happy with the fit and the overall effect of the sweater.  If I were to make it over again I would probably put on long ribbed cuffs to mirror the long ribbing on the torso.  In fact, at first I thought there was a mistake in the pattern because it didn’t call for the ribbed cuffs.  After a very careful look at the rather out of focus photo I realised I had been mistaken.


Sweater Stats
Pattern: Eloise by Jane Ellison in Noro Knits 
Yarn: Noro Blossom in colourway #5
Needles: much smaller than what was recommended, I used 3.75 mm instead of the called for 5 mm.

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  1. I so enjoyed your visit, Holli. I am looking forward to your next post as I am eager to hear how the weekend at Emerald Lake went. Marje

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