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I made it!

Ravelry logo

I finally received my invitation to join Ravelry and I’m part of the community now!  The wait wasn’t nearly as long as I thought it was going to be (just over a month).  I resisted joining because I really don’t need one more thing to lure me into surfing the web instead of designing and knitting, but the more I heard about it the more I became intrigued.  You know what the really amazing thing is?  Some of my patterns are already on Ravelry as projects that others are working on, have completed or have in their queue.  How cool is that?!

I’ve just barely scratched the surface of what Ravelry can do for me and how I can use it.  I will start populating my profile and notebook soon.  If you’re on Ravelry, pop by for a visit – my user name is HolliYeoh.

Guess Who?

What have I been working on lately?  A bit of everything.  I started a new pair of computer socks and I’ve turned the heel on the first sock.  I’m working on gloves for my friend Carmen of Melonhead who saw my new pattern (to be released soon, I promise!) and pleaded for a pair.  I started on a vest for myself.  And I’m searching for the perfect yarn for a design I’ve been working on for ages but with which I keep running into problems.