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Fall Cleaning

I’m way overdue for a cleaning / sorting / assessing of all my ongoing knitting and design projects.  I spent a few hours going through the baskets and bags that surround me where I sit to do most of my knitting and this is what I’ve come up with for UFOs.  No, let me rephrase that, they are WIPs.  That’s a much more positive outlook and I really do plan on giving them some much needed attention soon.  (I just turned a blind eye to the UFOs and pushed them further in the back!)  Here they are in no particular order.

Annie’s Mittens

Annie’s Mittens: this is a pattern I’m currently writing and I still need to choose the best colour combination for the photographs in the pattern and knit the mittens.  I’m also waffling between whether or not to include a variation that is really very simple, but not as simple to explain.  If you want to voice an opinion, look at the mitts in this post and tell me if you like the blue (basic) or red (variation) ones better. (Pattern finished and published in early December. You can buy it here.)

Avery WIP

Avery: all there is left to do is sew together the seams and knit the neckband and neck opening.

Candace WIP

Candace: the arms are already sewn in.  Just the arm and side seams left to go and then knitting the front bands and neck edging.  Almost done!

Computer Sock WIP

Computer sock:  one sock down and the second one has just barely been started.  This project was stalled for quite some time because I just needed to sit down and do the heel.  Since the whole point of the “computer sock” is that it’s a mindless project that just goes round and round the needles while I’m catching up on emails and blogs – the heels and toes always slow me down. This time I’m using the garter stitch heel and toe from Lucy Neatby’s Cool Socks, Warm Feet. (Finished late October)

Eagle’s Flight WIP

Eagle’s Flight: if memory serves, I just have to graft the toe together and block these babies!

Eloise WIP

Eloise: time to dust her off and finish off the final cardigan front and sleeve.  Just need to measure for the buttonholes and get going.  I’m also keeping my fingers crossed that I have enough yarn.  (Finished November 15th while out of town for a knitting retreat.)

Gloves WIP

Gloves: a soon to be Bee’s Knees Knits pattern.  Making the final decisions on yarn combinations for the photos in the pattern and a whole lot of ends to sew in as you can see.  (Pattern finished and published Oct 11th.  You can buy it here.)

Lace Cardi WIP

Lace cardi: hmm, I might just shelve this one for the winter.  I should make some notes though so I know what my problems were and what I thought would be a good solution before I pack it up. (Packed away in December while tidying up before pulling out the Christmas decorations.)

Opal DK swatch

Opal DK swatch: I have some ideas for adultwear using a heavier weight self-patterning yarn.  Right now I’m playing around with swatches, gauge and different companies’ yarns. 

Ribby Cardi WIP

Ribby Cardi: this one is fairly close to being finished.  I just need to complete that second sleeve (which as you can see if you click on the photo, I set down mid-row!), do some blocking and then the finishing details.

Ruby WIP

Ruby: I would like to finish this one up asap to send along with my suitcase of kits and patterns to Lucy Neatby’s Adventure Knitting retreat. (Finished Sep. 27th)

Tobie’s Mittens WIP

Tobie’s mittens: originally I had planned to offer this in sizes for the whole family.  Upon knitting up a man’s sized mitten in fingering weight yarn I’m rethinking the practicality of this .  Will other knitters want to do that much knitting for man-sized hands?  Will the fine weight of the fabric be heavy enough to keep hands warm when the wearer chooses to wear mittens?  They work so well in our mild winters in Vancouver, but sure wouldn’t do the trick in a prairie winter.  I need to think about this a little more.  Would you want to knit adult mittens in fingering weight wool?

Twinset WIP

Twinset: I’ve had this one on the go for a while now. I just need to finish sewing it together and sewing up all the facings (of which there are a lot!).  I think the sleeveless top will need some tweaking under the arms for modesty.  That’s the main reason this one’s not done yet. (Finished in time for Guild meeting, Oct. 2)

Yardage swatch

Yardage swatch: last but not least, this little yardage swatch needs to be ripped and then measured for yardage so I can calculate how much yarn is required for the gloves. (Done Oct. 4th)

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