Holli Yeoh, your knits

Your knits

Some wonderful knitters have sent me images of their Bee’s Knees Knits creations recently and I would like to share them with you.

Uli’s Ruby

Uli recently completed the Ruby hoody for her daughter.  The pattern goes up to a size four, and although it took longer to finish than anticipated it still fits her Little Miss who will be turning six this month.  You can read more about it here.

Valerie’s Devan

I met Valerie at the Victoria Knit-Out last June and she bought two kits from me.  She has since joined our knitting guild and at the last meeting showed me both sweaters.  She knit Devan first and finished it in August.  Then she used her knitting machine to make Lucy and completed it in only three days!  You can read about her adventures knitting Lucy on the machine here and here

Beth’s Avery

Beth just emailed me with a new photo of her little guy in Avery.  I just love the colour choice and I’m thinking maybe my little guy needs one in muted and charcoal greys too.  The pattern only goes up to a size 4 so if I want to make one for Devan, I’m going to have to size it up one more size!

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  1. If you size it up, let me know! I have also been thinking about the possibilities of knitting it with heavier yarn, the thought of a larger sweater in sock yarn is a little overwhelming!

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