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Roberts Creek beach

We had a great time on the Sunshine Coast.  We stayed with friends, Beth and Lucy.  Lucy is one of my models (you can see her here and here and other places on my website) and I even named a pattern after her.  The kids built sand castles and I had an opportunity to knit, chat with Beth and take pictures.

Eloise sleeve

I began the first Eloise sleeve at the start of the trip and I completed it on the ferry on the way home.  It will be touch and go if I have enough yarn to complete this sweater, but I’m optimistic.  This shot was taken at the Roberts Creek beach on Sunday afternoon.  I figured if I could complete the sleeve cap without starting a new ball I might just make it with what I have left to knit.  I rather belatedly discovered upon reading other blogs that the pattern calls for a rather conservative amount of yarn and many people ran out.  We’ll see!