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First Grade

Grade One

This week Devan started Grade One full of eagerness and excitement.   He’s in a class with many of his friends from Kindergarten most especially Jaelyn, his betrothed and he’s thrilled.  Jaelyn’s the sweetest little girl that any mother would want for their son to marry.  They have it all worked out – they’ll both become doctors and work at the same hospital together.  And of course, they’ll have children – all girls if Devan gets his way.

It’s a little odd having Devan out of the house for the full school day.  I have six hours at a stretch to myself and I keep on thinking that I’ve forgotten to go pick him up.  I’ve been trying to catch up on some of my summer backlog due to the strike.  I hope to work out a routine soon where I can schedule regular time for new pattern development, experimenting, designing, pattern writing, swatching and of course, knitting.  I think I should slip in some time to listen to knitting podcasts too.

Eloise in the bag

We are off to the Sunshine Coast this weekend to visit good friends and hopefully have a chance to get a lot of knitting done.  I plan on taking Eloise who has been at a stand still since our return from Oregon.  All of my designs I’m working on are at fiddly stages, so they aren’t good visiting knitting.  I’m also waiting for a shipment of yarn so I can knit some samples to photograph for some new patterns.