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City Strike

In other words, no time to design this summer!

The City of Vancouver has been on strike now for 6+ weeks.  This includes garbage and recycling pickup, public libraries, community centres, spray parks, wading pools, public golf courses and public swimming pools.  Devan was registered in day camps run by the community centres every week.  My plan had been to work on designing and publishing some new patterns this summer while Devan was out having fun with other kids.  A win/win situation, right?  That’s not what happened.

bungy trampline

mini golf

We still had fun, but we had to work harder to find it.  We couldn’t rely on the usual spray park, community centre activities, library visits, swimming and … knitwear design.  We tried bungy trampoline and mini golf among other things this summer.

Amos’s Sweater 1 Amos’s Sweater 2

We also stocked up on books from the library before the strike – this is a current favourite.  It’s about a sheep who is not happy about his fleece being taken to knit a sweater for Uncle Henry.  It’s a great book for reading out loud and the award winning illustrations are fun too.

Amos’s Sweater
by Janet Lunn (author) and Kim LaFave (illustrator)
ISBN 0-88899-208-4
originally published 1988, republished this year and available soon

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