Speedy delivery


On Tuesday evening¬†I decided I wanted to knit a black lacy cardigan. There’s a pattern I like in the recent Spring/Summer 2007 Vogue Knitting and Elann had a rayon/cotton/linen blend called Callista on special. Friday as I was passing by my local postal outlet I stopped in and asked if it had arrived. It’s so nice to have a friendly neighbourhood postal outlet where they know me – of course I’m there quite a bit for my business. I even helped them find the package on the shelf (it had been put on the wrong shelf). I didn’t need to show ID or have one of those delivery cards they leave at your home.

I tried swatching tonight, but we watched a truely Canadian movie tonight called Bon Cop, Bad Cop that took place in Montreal and Toronto and the dialogue was in both French and English throughout the whole movie. I really needed the English subtitles for the French bits – it was just too fast and I couldn’t follow the Quebecois accent and slang. It quite enjoyable and entertaining.

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  1. You know, I have some wonderful postal outlet ladies, too. It’s great when they know you, are capable and are nice!!! Our mail delivery person is a different story. But then, they see me every few days because of my little business, too. Looks like a nice yarn, too. Elann always gets to me so quickly.

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