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Celebration of Light

Wednesday night we watched the fireworks as part of the Celebration of Light fireworks festival in Vancouver. Different countries participate in this fireworks competition and Spain started the festival off with a bang (pun intended!). My Dad and Nigel live in the West End and have an amazing 10th floor view of English Bay. The fireworks are set up on a barge 1000 feet off-shore and the view from their living room is one of the best in the city. It was fabulous. Devan and I arrived around 4:00 and we watched the crowds start to form along the beach.


After supper we went out for a walk to feel like we were part of it. People had staked out every square foot of grass and sand with their blankets, waiting for the show.


After a bit we returned to the comfort and safety of the apartment and proceeded to wind wool while we waited. Nigel’s winding a Rowan tweed for a cable knit sweater he’s designing as he goes along. I took advantage of the time to wind my Noro Blossom.


I plan on knitting this Jane Ellison design called Eloise from Noro Knits.


The fireworks kept on reminding me of balls of wool and knitting needles. It was really very enjoyable! Little Devan fell asleep in my lap and probably would have even slept through the grand finale if I hadn’t woken him up for it.